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motion: Page 3

How to sum up the newest member of our Motion Graphics team in one line? Stefan Matioc: Motion Warrior.

Friday Five, Vol. 69

We’re almost ready to call it a week, but not before handing off these five goodies to our loyal readers.

Friday Five, Vol. 68

Where there's a will, there's a Friday Five. 

Friday Five, Vol. 67

Variety is the spice of life and today’s Friday Five.

Friday Five, Vol. 66

The heat is on in today’s end-of-summer Friday Five.

Friday Five, Vol. 64

For some reason, there’s a lot of sports stuff in today’s Friday Five, but that shouldn’t stop you from digging in.

Friday Five, Vol. 63

It’s hot. It’s humid. Let’s get to the good stuff in today’s Friday Five.

Friday Five, Vol. 61

With so many Planeteers headed to the Eau Claires music festival this weekend, we can’t help feeling a little hipster-y. Sorry if that shows through in today’s Friday Five.

Friday Five, Vol. 60

America’s got some stuff to be proud of this Independence Day, including a bunch of things in today's Friday Five.

Friday Five, Vol. 59

From oyster apps to presidential podcasts, this week’s Friday Five is full of briny surprises.

You don’t need to be a dad to appreciate today’s Friday Five. Or maybe you do ...

Today’s Friday Five is so fresh, it’s virtually guaranteed not to spoil.

Friday Five, Vol. 56

We separated the wheat from the chaff so you don’t have to. Enjoy the fruits of our labor—today’s Friday Five.

Friday Five, Vol. 54

Happy Palindrome Week. For optimal enjoyment, read today’s Friday Five in reverse.