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A Nutty Collaboration

This holiday season, Planet Propaganda brings special edition Krampus Kibble to the masses, through a neighborhood partnership with Nutkrack.

Daniel Shickles, New Employee Edit-ion

We're doing a lot more live action video editing within Planet's walls these days, thanks to new hire Daniel Shickles.

Party on, Pancheros

This year, we’re helping Pancheros Mexican Grill celebrate their 25th birthday with a bunch of fan-focused campaigns.

Fueling growth for Gatorade Endurance

We're looking forward to pushing the limit for our newest client, Gatorade Endurance.

Planet Propaganda: How the Sausage was Made

See how our agency holiday campaign went from a germ of an idea to 1300 merrily-seasoned pork sticks sold for charity.

A Delicious Holiday Schtick

With help from our friends at Underground Butcher, we've created a merrily meaty holiday gift that gives back to our Willy Street community.

Planet Propaganda: Pancheros

We asked Pancheros Mexican Grill fans to share their fresh-pressed tortilla love in a new UGC campaign.

Before we all decamp for the holidays, we leave you with 15 things for 2015—some stuff that really got our attention during our last trip around the sun.

Next week we’ll have our eagerly anticipated 15 Things for 2015 roundup. Until then, content yourself with our weekly dose of five.

Friday Five, Vol. 66

The heat is on in today’s end-of-summer Friday Five.

Friday Five, Vol. 64

For some reason, there’s a lot of sports stuff in today’s Friday Five, but that shouldn’t stop you from digging in.

Friday Five, Vol. 63

It’s hot. It’s humid. Let’s get to the good stuff in today’s Friday Five.

Today’s Friday Five is so fresh, it’s virtually guaranteed not to spoil.

Friday Five, Vol. 56

We separated the wheat from the chaff so you don’t have to. Enjoy the fruits of our labor—today’s Friday Five.