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We Simplify. We Amplify.

We help brands escape the status quo.


It seems every shop has a Proprietary Agency Process. And it’s girthy! We keep ours as lean and mean as possible. Simplify >< Amplify is a proven, purpose-built approach for shaping and activating ambitious brands.


Raw data is dirty business. When the chutes open, you better be wearing your tall boots. Facts fall fast, piling into mountains of meaning and/or distraction. But! We'll take as much data as we can get: formal research, industry trends, the opinion of those talky guys on airplanes. The more information the better. Pile it high. There's gold in them hills.


Knowledge is data collected, considered, and culled. Connections are made between a brand and the world around it. Audience insights, brand strengths and weaknesses, competitive opportunities, and a sense of direction ensue. Unlike data, knowledge is actionable. Knowledge is data, weaponized.


Knowledge knows what. Wisdom knows why. It's a higher form of understanding, but simpler too. Once a brand understands why it exists, all the decisions that define it become instinctual. Checklists and memorization skills will only get you so far. Good brands know what they stand for. Great brands know why.


Every great brand is built around a singular truth. This truth is entirely unique, yet rooted in the universal. It's constant and consistent over time, but always moving forward. It's the engine and the fuel and the road. The truth is your brand's essence, boiled down, beefed up, and ready for battle.


The truth, alone, will not set you free. For a brand to thrive, its truth needs to be expanded from rallying point to platform – one in which the brand's beliefs, personality, and purpose are clearly documented and fully endorsed by all involved.


The expression of an idea is as important as the idea itself. When in doubt, there's this: Always tell the truth and do so with style. Whisper what you can. Shout what you must. Mumble nothing.


The medium is not the message: the message is the message. The difference between the two? You own the message outright. The medium, on the other hand, is just a delivery vehicle, and a rental at that. When it comes to media, we don't play favorites. Traditional, digital, or social, we go with what's right. Nail the message, nail the media, and needles move.