A Gift Guide for the Go-getters on Your List

Planeteer Picks for Pastime Pursuers

At Planet, we like to say “our work is our play.” We partner with brands that sell the products we love to use once we’re off the clock and enjoying some freetime.

You’re bound to have some dedicated pastime pursuers on your holiday gift list, so we’re sharing some picks that pass muster with discerning Planeteers, in hopes that it’ll make your holiday shopping a little less hectic.


Laura, Designer + Nature Lover:

If someone you know is part of the bar soap club, Matador’s FlatPak Soap Bar Case is a life-changing way to transport it for camping trips or travel. It's waterproof but also breathable so the soap bar dries between uses.

Paul, Digital Creative Director + Seasoned Flyfisher:

If you want to give the ultimate gift to a flyfisher and money is no object? Split-cane bamboo fly rod. While 70–80% of my fishing is done with graphite, I reach for the grass rod when I want it to be special. There is a cadence and feel that can’t be matched by any modern material. While there are quite a few good rod builders, I hold no one in higher regard than Sweetgrass Rods in Butte, Montana. Glenn Brackett has built several rods for me over the years and he also makes a wicked grilled wild duck.

Flyfishers tend to be a literate bunch, and Norman Maclean’s A River Runs Through It is the most outstanding book that has fly fishing in it, and it's one of the best books ever written. Period. At an agency I worked at back in the ’90’s a coworker of mine who was a non-fisherperson asked me if I heard of this book. After I made him feel stupid for asking, he said that his professor at the University of New Mexico stated this book was "more relevant than the Bible.” Nuff said.

Jayson, Senior Content Producer / Director + Hunting Dog Dad:

I would always grab a dog collar from the local Farm & Fleet and not think twice. Then I wanted to treat my dog to a nice collar for his birthday, not that he knows what that means except a yummy steak. I found these awesome leather collars that come with a stamped name plate for under $25. My dog never got so many compliments on what a dapper dude he was, plus his ID tags were no longer clanking against one another. It is a small business that ships within a couple days with a handwritten ‘Thank You’ note.

BRIANNA, Senior Copywriter + Style Maven:

I love all David Shrigley. You really can’t go wrong. But imagine showing up at the lake or pool party with this disturbing, aptly-named Ridiculous Inflatable Swan-Thing.


Tommy, Director, Business Development + Cabin Creature:

Leather work gloves (like these from our client Duluth Trading Company) are aces for log splitting and kindling-making up north. It’s cold and we need to protect the meat mittens while creating some fuel for the fire.

Jeremy, Communications Director + Greenish Thumb:

If you’re into composting and don’t want to ruin your kitchen’s aesthetic vibe, try this visually appealing bamboo countertop bin, for storing scraps between trips to the outdoor compost pile. Bonus that the bin itself is compostable if and when you’re ready to dispose of it.

Client Plug (we work with these folks):

Wisconsin-made Thorogood work boots have been around for generations, and outperform much pricier brands. And of course J-B Weld Twin-Tube epoxy is a great stocking stuffer for the DIYer in your life who’s never seen a broken object he or she can’t fix.


Corinne, Account Executive + Adventurous Cook:

Somewhere along the way I lost my small mortar and pestle that I’d use occasionally to grind up herbs. Then last year I tasted Joojeh Kabab (Persian chicken kebab with saffron and lemon flavors) and knew that I needed to grind my own saffron or wipe my memory so I would stop craving it. Happily, I have some lovely foodie relatives who understand that kind of need and they gifted me a solid and functionally attractive Gorilla Grip granite mortar and pestle. Now I can properly grind the saffron and then bloom, using this technique.

Holly, Strategist + Apartment-dwelling Gardener:

An Aerogarden hydroponic gardening system is the most foolproof way to get someone with a black thumb started with gardening. Zero effort, just sit back and watch your fresh herbs thrive.

Client plug:

There’s no better gift for gracious hosts than Nutkrack—the Madison-made candied pecan that completes any holiday snack spread. We love the classic and spicy firekracker versions, but the brand new “everything”-seasoned variety is chef’s kiss as well.


Andrea, Operations Director + Intrepid Explorer:

NEOS Overshoes are modern day galoshes for those of us on the go. They have traveled many miles with me. Easy to wear, ridiculously light, waterproof, and cover the full calf—because no one wants damp clothing sticking to their calves.

Emily, Managing Director + Known Wayfarer

My husband and I love to travel and we just got Monos suitcases earlier this year. We took them to Iceland and asked for additional sizes for Christmas because they were so great. I love them because they are a really simple modern design, have TSA-approved locks, are easy to clean with a magic eraser, are durable / light and have really thoughtful storage and compartments. I also love the color selection and I am a sucker for their overall aesthetic and vibe.

Client Plug:

If you’ve got a patron of the arts on your gift list, this is the perfect year to give them a gift certificate to their favorite cultural institution. It’s been a rough couple of years for theaters and museums, and those that remain could use your support. If it makes geographical sense, we heartily recommend two of our clients: Wisconsin’s beloved American Players Theatre, and Seattle’s boldly-ambitious ACT Theatre.


Kris, Motion Director + Man-in-Motion:

I would highly recommend any of these home fitness devices: Wahoo Kickr Direct-drive Smart Trainer, Concept2 SkiErg, and Concept2 RowErg. They are much more fun than a treadmill or other old style cardio machines (e.g. ellipticals) and are comparatively easy to move around / stow.

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