Anna White. Anna Write.

Anna White. New Copywriter. International human of mystery. Her favorite food? We’re not sure. Where she went to school? Who knows. Her least favorite smell? Your sandwich… Anna’s an enigma. An Annagma, if you will.

So… what DO we know? We know that Anna’s one helluva writer, and we know Anna’s one helluva new friend at PP. With a flair for the maximalist and a stack full of band t’s, she rode her pink & yellow bicycle onto home Planet with a penchant for punch and chops for word-stuff. And after discovering that neither fast food, taxes, nor nonprofit management were her calling, Anna proved once again that years of trudging through agencies isn’t the only way to hone creative moxie. What you really need is a little fairy dust, a little electric guitar, and a whole lotta hunger to kill all things drab.

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