How the Sausage Was Made

See how our agency holiday campaign went from a germ of an idea to 1300 merrily-seasoned pork sticks sold for charity.


Maybe you heard that this holiday season we helped create a limited edition, 100% reindeer-free treat: BlitzenSchticks. If you’re really lucky, you even got to eat a Schtick or two. We’re pleased to say that we sold 1300 of these merrily-seasoned pork sticks via Luke House community meal program right down the street from our office.

What you haven’t seen is how this endeavor came about in the first place. We’ve managed to capture the whole shoot and bang in just 94 seconds, and we hope you’ll watch.

If you’ve never worked at an agency, you might be surprised how the conceptual sausage gets made—it’s not for the faint of heart. And if you’re an agency pro, we think you’ll sympathize with the conceptual sausage making that, in this case, ended up producing honest-to-goodness edible sausage.

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