Building Bonds

Takeaways on Family DIY Projects for Home Improvement Brands

A key takeaway from our recent whitepaper, How Home Improvement Brands Can Connect with the New Generation of COVID-Compelled DIYers, is that many home improvers engaged in family projects, rather than solitary endeavors during COVID. This provides a number of opportunities for brands to tap into this more communal approach to DIYing, and form connections with an emerging generation of home improvers even before they set out on their own.

Of the 400+ U.S. DIYers (A21–45) we surveyed, 45% did their first project with a parent / guardian. This legacy prompted them to include their own children (and significant others) as they embarked in home improvement projects while stuck at home.

Beyond just sharing concrete skills, working on projects together gave parents opportunities to teach their children about work ethic, and show them how rewarding it can be to overcome obstacles.

“The DIY process is full of unexpected surprises and challenges to deal with, and we treat them as teaching opportunities.”
— Male, Age 34

Looking back on the finished product becomes a reminder of those shared experiences, filled with memories and emotional meaning.

“We were full of Hallmark moments. There was definitely blood, sweat and tears. It’s the project that has taken the most out of us, but given us the most reward. There were funny times. There were adventures."
— Female, Age 43

The Takeaway for DIY Brands

We encourage you to celebrate those who collaborate.

Consider showing projects in a way that prioritizes teamwork, such as giving parents ideas for roles that their kids might be able to play within the project. And instead of presenting DIYers as loners tinkering in the garage, show couples, families, or friends working together

For more insights and brand takeaways from our research, read and download our whitepaper How Home Improvement Brands Can Connect with the New Generation of COVID-Compelled DIYers here.

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