Cheyenne, Senior Schemer

Our new senior brand strategist is a schemer in the best sense of the word.

What does it mean to scheme? What is propaganda without a proper strategy? What is the funniest thing you’ve seen on Twitter in the past 30 minutes? These are all questions you’ll have to ask our new senior brand strategist, Cheyenne Langkamp. A journalist-turned-propagandist, Chey comes to us from a slew of agencies including Madison’s Hiebing and Nelson Schmidt, as well as St. Louis’s HLK and We Are Alexander. With brands like AB-InBev, Treehouse Foods, Build-A-Bear Workshop, Culver's... you get the point. She knows what she’s doing.

So who is Cheyenne really? Is joining Planet another one of her schemes? Here’s what we do know:

Likes: reading, gaming, running, hiking, cooking, local politics, beer, beer smell, Fleabag, Little Women (like, the movie).

Dislikes: Teriyaki, the words moist and package (and presumably their combination), the fact that Anthony Bourdain is no longer with us.

We also know that Cheyenne claims her doppelgänger is Avril Lavigne. Considering the rumors swirling about of a fake Avril Lavigne replacing the original, we’ll keep our eyes and ears peeled for any suspicious humming or Sk8r Boi vibes. All that being said, Cheyenne has been another pandemic hire who we haven’t spent much time with in person yet, but a short stint has already solidified her as a new force to be friends with. So Cheyenne, here is your cold welcome for now. We’ll have to have a warmer one soon.

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