From Troll Capital to State Capital

Mt. Horeb native Dagny Skindrud is Planet’s new Office Manager

Despite taking on office manager duties at a time when the concept of an “office” is a bit ambiguous, Dagny Skindrud has absolutely crushed the gig. She’s embraced the amorphous nature of the pandemic-era workspace, finding clever ways to keep Planeteers connected and informed whether they’re working in the office, or from a thousand miles away.

Dagny hails from Mt. Horeb, and continues to reside in the “troll capital of the world.” She’s a former project manager at Lands’ End Business Outfitters, but most recently managed a veterinary clinic, where she herded actual cats in preparation for herding Planet’s metaphorical ones.

While Dagny has plenty of local activities to keep her busy, she loves hitting the road to pursue her passions, too:

What’s your favorite productive hobby?


What’s your favorite non-productive hobby?

Instagram and watching scary movies

If you won $500 and you had to spend it on one of your hobbies, what would you buy? How about $10,000?

I love traveling and I love photography. I would use any amount of money towards a new camera and then I would travel the world and take photos all day. (I don’t know how far $10,000 would get me, so if it’s a one-way ticket, so be it.)

What do you collect?

Heart-shaped rocks. I started finding so many while hiking Estes Cone in Colorado. Since then, I find heart-shaped rocks everywhere.

What’s a skill or hobby from childhood you still keep up with?

As someone who is super afraid of heights, and falling, and has a fused ankle, the only logical skill to pick up was rock-climbing, right?! With determination, drive, and a little bit of competitiveness with myself I am now climbing up real rock walls. (I’m not good, but I am doing it and that’s what counts!)

What DIY skill do you admire most that you don’t have?

Let’s be honest, I admire the people who actually have time to DIY. In one of my lifetimes I will take up any DIY skill. What will it be? Building myself a huge wrap-around porch.

This Old House or Fixer Upper?

Both, but I really love old houses and imagining all the stories those walls could tell (I could sit and listen for hours). I grew up in an old farm house (one that still had the built in oil lamps in the walls) and I have always been quite curious and find it fascinating (and sometimes eerie) learning the history of a house and area.

If you had a totally free weekend to be a tourist in your own city, what would you do in the Madison area?

I would start off by walking (or biking) up and down Williamson Street (the street Planet is located on) and I would check out every single store/restaurant.

What’s your favorite sport to play?

Croquet. I have never been a super sporty person, but I recently learned how to play. I picked it up pretty quickly and I’m pretty badass (and competitive).

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