Garden State Kate

Our new Senior Account Executive, Kate Garvin, turned her lifetime passion for planning and scheduling into a paying gig

We’ve hit a streak of good luck when it comes to finding fantastic new Planeteers. Though she grew up in New Jersey, Kate Garvin, Senior Account Executive, comes to us from Minneapolis. As often happens when you marry a persuasive Minnesotan, Kate settled in our delightful neighboring state, working for JT Mega Advertising, after her stint at Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide in Jersey.

Kate’s worked primarily on B2B accounts like Johnson & Johnson, Hormel Foodservice, and United Sugars, and is excited and well-equipped to be working on consumer brands at Planet, notably Duluth Trading Company.

For more on what Kate gets up to outside the office, read on:

What’s your favorite productive hobby?

Working out! I love to sweat—and I love group fitness! I teach cycle one night a week at Lifetime Fitness. (If you asked my husband this question, he'd say "planning." I can't deny it—I love to plan and control other people's schedules…;) )

What’s a skill or hobby from childhood you still keep up with? Baking! Especially cookies and banana bread. Candidly, I'm a way better baker than cook. My mom taught me how to bake pretty much as soon as I could walk.

What’s a skill or hobby you picked up as an adult?

Fishing! I married the world's most avid outdoorsman and with that, have (slowly but surely) learned to love the great outdoors.

What’s a DIY skill you learned during COVID?

Well, I made a human and birthed said human. So I learned how to be a mom. Does that count? Editor’s Note: It counts.

If you had a totally free weekend to be a tourist in your own city, what would you do in the area?

Minneapolis Farmers Market, coffee at Five Watt, walks around the lakes, and boating.

What game did you play most during the pandemic?

Dutch Blitz—best card game ever. (IYKYK)

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