Jayson a Dream

The new guy is slinging content, taking names

Jayson Moyer

The multi-talented Jayson Moyer has joined our team as Senior Content Producer / Director. Though he most recently worked in-house at Vortex Optics and Discover Media Works, before that he hopped around the world as a commercial director for brands like Nike, Ford, Chevy, McDonald’s, and Hasbro. Jayson’s passport is teeming with stints in Japan, Vietnam, the Philippines, England, and France, plus he’s called stateside locales like LA, Nashville, and Chicago home. We’re awfully glad this Baraboo boy has returned to our backyard.

As is typically the case with Planeteers, Jayson spends his off-hours on a range of recreational pursuits. A sampling:

What’s your favorite active hobby?

Adventure Cycling, the kids like to call it gravel cycling, I can go anywhere pretty much on my bike.

What’s a skill or hobby you picked up as an adult?

Fly fishing

What’s a DIY skill you learned during COVID?

Analog music production and recording

What DIY skill do you admire most that you don’t have?

The ability to tell what certain plants are and if I can eat them.

What’s your favorite sport to watch?

Westminster Kennel Club

Are you a passionate brand leader who would like to partner?

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