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How Home Improvement Brands Can Reach “Exacting Engineers” and “Ambitious Artisans”

To get a clearer picture of the emerging group of COVID-compelled home DIYers, we surveyed 400+ folks (A21–45) who increased their DIY activities in the past year. Along the way, we found that there were two distinct groups of DIYers who gravitate toward different types of projects and methods. We’ve named them Exacting Engineers and Ambitious Artisans.

If your brand is in the home improvement business, it’s important to understand the differences and similarities between these two groups, and how to appeal to each of them in your marketing, positioning, and product innovation.

Who They Are

Exacting Engineers relish finding problems and creating solutions that optimize the home’s function and organization. They are most excited by planning and problem solving, so they thrive during the research and preparation phases. While they tackle more challenging projects than the norm, they are also harder on themselves. They are less confident in the progress of their skills, and more hesitant to use skills they are not confident in. They are more likely than average to be college-educated white men.

Personality + Mindset

  • Methodical, tenacious, precise, prepared, logical

DIY Journey

  • Started young and learned the ropes: 55% did their first DIY project while living with a parent, and 60% were assisting someone on their first DIY project

Priority Product Categories

  • Power tools and accessories
  • Building materials and hardware
  • Storage and organization
  • Smart home devices

Top Channels

During all phases of preparation, they gravitate toward sources that are more research-based than inspiration or creative-oriented—think Youtube and Google, not Pinterest and Instagram. Online video is their top source for every phase.


These DIYers put a lot of research into their process and shopping list. Consider emphasizing online reviews and optimizing your place in search results. These shoppers also appreciate thorough instructions and other helpful tips that can help them stay efficient. They are also interested in life hacks and are receptive to hearing about other new tools and techniques that would help them streamline their efforts.


These are creative visionaries who enjoy finding inspiration and transforming their personal aesthetic into a home environment. They thrive during the ideation phase of a project. Since they tend to not be as detail-oriented or invested in the research phase, they are prone to experiencing frustration during their projects. But when they see their skills progress, it fills them with passion and inspiration. Their favorite projects include gardening / landscaping, painting, and decorative projects. This group is more multicultural and has more women represented than average.

Personality + Mindset

  • Creative, inspired, self-starter, impatient, passionate, emotionally-invested

DIY Journey

  • Often started DIY when they moved into a rental from a desire to update / improve features. They are more likely than average to work on projects alone.

Priority Product Categories

  • Wall paints & materials
  • Gardening and landscaping tools
  • Decorative items and fixtures
  • Adhesives
  • Live and artificial plants

Top Channels

  • During all phases of preparation, they gravitate toward sources that are more inspiring and creatively-oriented, like Instagram, Pinterest, and HGTV. Online video is their top source for every phase.


The Ambitious Artisans are fueled by their inspiration and vision. Consider engaging with the influencers and TV programming that these DIYers turn to for ideas. Present your materials in a way that helps DIYers envision how your materials can fit into their home and help them express their personality.

These DIYers are interested in making the maximum visual impact using the least amount of materials and effort, and are receptive to recommendations for products and techniques that will help them accomplish that. They tend to invest less of their overall attention into the planning and preparation phases of their projects, and therefore are more likely to show up at the store in need of guidance and product recommendations. Make their shopping process easier by offering clear communication at the point of sale about different ways that a product can be used.

For a deep dive into these two important shopper segments, take a gander at our full report—How Home Improvement Brands Can Connect with the New Generation of COVID-Compelled DIYers—right here.

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