Lytle's List of Long-standing Partnership Lore

7 Habits of Highly Effective Partners

As part of AdAge’s Small Agency Conference, I recently had an invigorating discussion with longtime client and friend Ricker Schlect from Duluth Trading Company.

Since I know only about 80% of you tuned in live, I want to share my answer to the question: “What are some lessons for others who want to build a long-lasting agency relationship?”

Strong partnerships and long-lasting relationships are the stuff that makes Planet tick, and I’m always eager to help others pursue that path as well.

Without further ado…

Lytle’s List of Long-standing Partnership Lore

Work with good people that you give a shit about.

I truly care about Ricker, Steve and their family. And I personally want the best for the business, the brand and their family.

Don’t get sucked into the daily clicks and conversions trap.

Sure they are mandatory in the short-term culture we live in now. But you also need to generate conversations that truly connect with your core. It takes a visionary strategy combined with the right message to truly build a legacy. Duluth has done that IMHO.

Stay entrepreneurial!

Both sides need that fire to keep things interesting after a long relationship. Another brand that we work with likes to describe themselves as a 50-year-old startup. I LOVE THAT! Duluth has that same spirit in them even after all of this growth.

Be good with change. When the company goes from $60M – $700M there is going to be a lot of it.

Swing for the fences every now and again.

And push each other not to forget that.

Believe in disruptive work.

Just don’t bet the farm on it.

Make your partners tacos (or bratwurst, or other delectable grilled meat) every once in a while.

We can all get caught up in our own worth and trying to push the business (which is a given) but remember there is a human side, too.

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