Announcing an Art Director Addition

Max Franklin, Detroiter-by-birth and current Chicago resident, has joined our Creative team as a senior art director. He recently spent time at Dentsu’s Chicago office, working on brands like Famous Footwear, the US Open, Marriott, Brita, and a bevy of beloved KraftHeinz brands like Kool-Aid, Planters, Oscar Mayer, and Lunchables. His good nature and great ideas have made it easy to welcome Max to our creative crew.

As with all Planeteers, Max’s non-9-to-5 endeavors fuel what he does on-the-clock for our weekend and workshop clients. To wit:

If you won $500 but you had to spend it on one of your hobbies, what would you buy?

I’d probably get some new hockey equipment. Mine is so old I can’t wash the smell out.

How about $10,000?

I’d put it towards building an art studio/woodshop. I think I might need to take out a loan to finish it though.

What’s your favorite productive hobby?

It varies from time to time. Right now, I’d say restoring old furniture. I just restored an old drafting table that was sitting in someone’s barn for 30 years.

What’s your favorite non-productive hobby?

Wondering what animals I could beat in a wrestling match… so far the list is pretty short.

What’s your favorite sport to play?

Hockey and golf

What game did you play most during the pandemic?

Rocket League

Are you a passionate brand leader who would like to partner?

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