We finally added a Gen Z-er to Team Planet, Account Executive Mckenzie Halling, and we're ever so glad we did.

In pre-COVID times, Mckenzie Halling, account executive (and Planet’s first Gen Z hire), was known for all sorts of enviable in-office traits: bringing a box of morning donuts even after a late night at work, packing impressive lunches that put our PB&Js to shame, and just being a kind co-worker who cheered us up with a well-timed smile. We’re confident all of that will hold true once office life resumes in earnest.

Mckenzie’s done such a great job shepherding clients like Duluth Trading Company and Chazen Museum of Art, she was promoted before getting her official introductory blog post. Before coming to Planet, Mckenzie ran through a smattering of ‘ternships and spent 6 months abroad in Bangkok. This led to perhaps our favorite thing about Mckenzie, that she had 1 of 2 reported Dengue fever cases in Wisconsin in 2018 (we’re really grasping at straws to find flaws here, people).

But on a more genuine note, Mckenzie has a determined mind and can-do spirit, and we can’t wait to be back in the building with her before too long, even though her pampered pandemic kitten Pete Souza will have to adjust to less face-time.

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