Here’s the Story, of 8 New Planeteers

We've hired lots of great folks in the not-too-distant past. Read all about 'em.

When the new hire announcement backlog hits the two year mark, it’s a good and bad sign. Good because it means that a steady stream of client work has kept us busy; bad because we haven’t had a chance to make proper introductions of some fantastic new Planeteers.

We hope you'll excuse us for cheating a little. While all of these fine folks are more than worthy of lengthy odes to their achievements, they’re going to have to settle for the Brady Bunch treatment this time around. Behold a borderline mind-blowing fact or two about our latest, greatest eight new Planeteers.

Top Row (L to R):

Garrett Robers, Account Coordinator: Though he doesn’t require us to call him Captain around the office, Garrett has the distinction of working as a captain and mail jumper on the world famous Lake Geneva Cruise Line & Mail Vessel. We do think his experience delivering important correspondence to lakeside residents while entertaining a boat load of tourists instilled important account service skills like punctuality, flexibility, and congeniality—all of which Garrett has in spades. Something else he has in spades? A striking resemblance to Academy Award nominee Bradley Cooper.

Karmin Arnold, Senior Account Executive: After growing up on a farm in rural Wisconsin, Karmin then worked on the Wisconsin Cheese and the American Butter Institute accounts in her past role. We detect a theme here. To really seal the deal as Planet’s most-Wisconsiny of Wisconsonites, her favorite Madison spot is the Capitol Square, because she never tires of gazing up at our majestic Capitol building.

Sarah Lorenz, Producer: After honing her production skills on Hollywood blockbusters—like Mission Impossible 3, Wedding Crashers, and Iron Man—Sarah returned to her native Wisconsin to focus on small screen productions. She's already played a big role on projects for a broad range of Planet clients, notably Duluth Trading Company, EatStreet, and Jersey Mike’s Subs—bringing a much-needed producing capability in-house for Planet. When not traveling for work or pleasure, Sarah’s an avid cook and cookbook collector, though her appreciation of gastronomy hits a snag when it comes to the smell of tuna fish from a can. We all have our limits.

Middle Row (L to R):

Holly Lang, Account Planner: This strategist, with a background in design, geeks out over lots of stuff—most notably scoping out ideal hammock spots, exploring the intersection of design and nature, and furiously keeping a journal of her latest revelations and observations. Given a free afternoon or a long weekend, Holly will set off on a road trip with camera in-tow, to document the forgotten landmarks of back road America. Her curiosity about what makes people tick, even off the beaten path, is key to her ability to uncover insights that help brands connect deeply with their audience wherever they may be.

Maggie Brennan, Senior Account Executive: Before she joined Planet, Maggie worked on the Culver’s account, Saris, and Doctors Without Borders. Now she’s working wonders with Jersey Mike’s Subs and Pancheros Mexican Grill, but sadly, she’s yet to bust out the marginal dance moves we’ve heard (from her) about.

Bottom Row (L to R):

Ben Golden, New Business Development Coordinator: After more than a year as a distinguished Planet intern, Ben joined us full time following his spring graduation from UW Madison. He brings great insights and strategy chops to the team, which will come in handy for finding the best brands for Planet to partner and conspire with. Not to mention he always has a good pop culture recommendation—from bingeable TV to local rock shows—which helps us all keep up with what the young folks are doing these days.

Laura Gang, Designer: With training as a studio artist and writer, it’s no surprise that Laura was drawn to graphic design, where her two passions intersect. Besides her obvious interest in creating beautiful things, she also likes to admire nature as well—something she traces back to her childhood days working in the family greenhouse. As someone who’s drawn to craft and compelling design, Laura felt like Planet would be a good place to create great work, while enjoying a collaborative culture that values humor, fun, and wit.

Sally Zepp, Office Manager: All you really need to know about Sally is that she recently got a random (real) tattoo from a design that came out of a gumball machine in Brooklyn. But you should also know that she has the experience, attention to detail, and, most importantly, the patience to keep Planet on the rails. Oh, and if you should bump into her after a trip to the tooth doctor, please be considerate of her unusual fear of hearing other people’s dental work stories.

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