Daniel Shickles, New Employee Edit-ion

We're doing a lot more live action video editing within Planet's walls these days, thanks to new hire Daniel Shickles.

Introducing Video Editor and Eagle Scout, Daniel “Boone” Shickles.

Since graduating from Full Sail University in 2008, Daniel has worked with a number of agencies (including Campbell Ewald), and put his serious chops to work for clients ranging from Cadillac, to UNICEF, to Remington. His hand is at work for a wide range of Planet clients, including Duluth Trading Company and Jersey Mike’s. He says that Planet spoke to him because of our location and his desire to work with smaller groups of dedicated creatives.

Daniel has led something of a nomadic life, having lived in Missouri, Michigan, Florida, Oklahoma, Virginia, and now Wisconsin. Perhaps as a way to combat this concerning trend, Daniel wins the award for “Stays Seated the Longest.” With as many happy distractions as Planet provides, this is noteworthy. At last count, his max time without leaving his desk was 49 days. In addition to a facility for staying seated, Daniel enjoys golf, video games, and playing with his kids. Welcome, Daniel!

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