Two First Names. One New Face. It’s Emily Kelly.

Three cheers for Emily Kelly, senior account exec, former sandwich artist, and booster of all things Wisconsin.

Introducing Emily Kelly, the second Emily on Planet Propaganda, but the second-to-none senior account executive ready to help manage the Duluth train (among other accounts) with some serious people chops. Emily comes to us from a four-ish year stint at Shine United and a three year stint at Acumium. There was an additional four year stint as a Subway Sandwich Artist somewhere before then, which is arguably more impressive—we’ve seen those tuna scoopers. As a longtime Wisco local, Emily’s lived in Fond du Lac, Rhinelander, Sheboygan, and now Madison, a testament to how motivating cheese and family can really be.

In fact, in order to properly convey Emily’s feelings about her love for Wisconsin, as well as take a healing moment for all of us, we will be airing this direct quote from EK about the Dane County farmers’ market, unedited:

Okay, deep breath everyone. Vaccines are coming.

On another note, the whole team was excited to have Emily hop aboard, but we’re especially excited to eventually christen our new coworkership in an office setting. She’s told us she loves a nice dark stout, which is great news for the one, maybe two other dark-beer drinkers at Planet who consistently ask for ample supply in the Planet beer fridge. A slight cause for concern, she’s also mentioned her fear of stairs—unfortunate timing considering we just built a flight in the office.

Another fun fact Emily shared is that she can’t swallow pills. Emily, we hate to break it to you, but here’s another tough pill to swallow: we like ya, so you’re stuck with us, and all our dumb jokes. And we’re excited to explore this midwest wonderland with a wonderful new face.

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