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Announcing a recent round of employee promotions and new roles here at Planet.

Good news is scarce as hen’s teeth these days, so we’re happy to share it when we’ve got it. We’re pleased as punch to announce a recent round of promotions and new roles here at Planet, effective immediately.

Emily Steele is Planet’s new Managing Director: a role that’s new to her and new to Planet. As our agency grows and evolves, Emily will play a crucial role in supporting the financial and spiritual health of Planet, while continuing to serve in her current role as Account Director.

After joining Planet as an Account Supervisor five years ago, Emily quickly became a trusted colleague and moved into increasingly impactful roles. This latest move will give her the opportunity to lead, manage, and nurture a team of directors across several departments, with a focus on building the next generation of Planet leaders.

As Planet founder and CEO Dana Lytle says: “Put simply: Emily sees things as they are, she says it like it is, and she gets shit done.” We all look forward to lots of great shit getting done.

Katie Roach is our new Head of Production, after serving as our Executive Producer for almost two years. Katie has been a force in her short time at Planet, bringing a sense of calm, professionalism, energy and smarts to all the productions she has touched. She is a wealth of knowledge and has a ton of experience as FCB's Executive Producer prior to walking through our doors.

Andrea Slotten is stepping into the role of Operations Director, handling agency operations, resources, agency culture initiatives, and overseeing all departmental efficiencies and processes. Her warmth, accessibility, ability to multi-task and selfless dedication will position her to shape Planet’s culture and make sure that our invaluable team of Planeteers are well-supported.

Mckenzie Halling is moving from Account Coordinator to Account Executive. Mckenzie has shown some serious chops not only on the Duluth Trading Company account, but also on projects for Chazen Museum and others. Her smarts, insight, drive, and communication and organizational skills will continue to buoy Planet’s success.

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