10-Gallon Teddy

Talented Texan Teddy Brown has landed in the GCD seat.

~Weewoo Weewoo~ High profile hire alert! That’s right folks, we’ve picked up Teddy Brown as our new Group Creative Director. Texas-raised Teddy comes to us direct from FCB after a long stint as EVP Executive Creative Director. With a client roster rivaling, well, basically no one (the dude helped launch “Live Mas” for Taco Bell, like c’mon) Planet has been beyond excited to welcome a new heavy hitter to our global Propaganda Machine.

In his short tenure here Teddy has already brought untold value to the team— his first week alone, he managed to over-boil corn by nearly 2 hours, despite listing “above average domestic skills” on his new-hire Q&A. Domestic skills aside, Teddy runs a TikTok channel that has been surpassed in followers by his daughter’s own account by the tens of thousands. Add that to the fact that he also adopted a wonderful pair of yet-unnamed finches, which he now appears to be breeding for fun, and you’ve got one helluva family man.

Playful post aside, Teddy brings an incredibly fresh breeze to Planet’s sails. Hopping aboard to take the creative helm in the midst of a pandemic — especially when you haven’t even met most of the team in person — is no easy feat. Yet his unmatched ability to win people over with a sharp wit, deep pocket of stories, winning smile and (genuinely) caring heart have quickly made him a welcome addition to our ministry of truth.

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