It’s Tommy Time

Let me paint you the picture of a man. A man from Milwaukee. A man who enjoys a nice fatty ribeye. A man who yearns for the smell of the Pacific ocean, specifically. A man by the name of Tommy Cottam.

You see, when Planet set out to hire a new director of new business, we knew it couldn’t be just anyone. And Tommy, well, he’s definitely someone. Before joining our crew, he worked on the account side for some seriously heavy shops (Cramer-Krasselt, TBWA\Chiat\Day LA, CP+B LA, and Publicis Italy) for some seriously heavy clients (Gatorade, Old Navy, and Heineken's Global ad business among them). Now he’s our matchmaker-in-chief, playing an integral role in our recent partnership with J-B Weld. Tommy says he saw the opening at Planet as an opportunity to flex a new ad muscle, but we’ve all seen the picture of his Ultimate Warrior Halloween costume at this point. He’s got plenty to flex as is.

Unfortunately due to the pandemic, we only got a few short months with Tommy in person before we all scurried to our own socially sequestered abodes. Still, we’ve grown to love and await his constant positive presence in our little digital Planet. From now on, when you see we’ve won some new business, remember: Tommy Cott’em.

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