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A Breakthrough Below the Belt

May 11, 2017

Planet Propaganda: Duluth Trading Bullpen Underwear Breakthrough

From the same folks who brought you Buck Naked Underwear comes a new product launch of epic proportions: Bullpen Underwear by Duluth Trading Company.

Breakthroughs like Bullpen’s stay-put pouch technology only come around once in a blue moon, so we’ve helped Duluth create a product video befitting the occasion (with direction by Patrick Pierson at Drive Thru Productions). It’s got everything you’ve come to expect from a top-notch product video—fake engineers in lab coats, chalk board equations, self-serious back-patting—plus an ample handful of anatomical puns (gamely delivered by Ricker Schlecht, Duluth's VP of Product Development).

Duluth will be hosting the full length product video (above) in all its glory on their website and social channels, and driving traffic with a series of digital ads featuring short teaser videos (below). If you’ve got a pair, you gotta watch these videos.

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