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I Believe We Have Your Staple(s)er

March 12, 2014

Wordsmithin’ ain’t easy. Just ask our newest copywriter, Chris Staples, who owns a ditch cat named Cat, because no other moniker could accurately capture its particular je ne sais quoi.

Besides his mad cat-naming skills, Chris boasts a varied and impressive resume. He’s made an impact at some of Wisconsin’s most important landmarks, including Taliesin Preservation, Inc., American Players Theatre, White School Studio, and Furthermore Beer. He’s also the man behind Spring Green’s Shitty Barn Sessions, where many a Planeteer has spent a hazy night watching some great live music.

Needless to say, Chris is a renaissance man with a head full of big ideas, many of them hatched on his low-and-slow long distance bike journeys across our fine state.

A five-minute chat with Chris reveals that he posses the perfect combination of copywriter prerequisites: an insatiably curious mind, a breadth of life experience, and an agile facility with the written word. We feel lucky to have Chris putting his big brain to work in the service of our clients.

Should you cross paths with Chris at Le Tigre Lounge, or any other local watering hole, buy him a glass of 80 proof bourbon. Why bourbon and not Scotch? Why 80 proof and not 100? Ask Chris, then settle in for a dissertation on Walker Percy’s sensible thoughts on the subject.

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