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We Love Duluth in the Springtime

May 2, 2016

Planet Propaganda: Duluth Trading Armachillo Underwear Marshmallows

No matter the temperature outside, it's always a few degrees above comfortable in every guy's drawers. That's why we're awfully glad that Duluth Trading Company Armachillo® Underwear exists. Our new TV spot for Duluth drives home the crucial distinction between overheated underwear (not so good), and Duluth’s Armachillo® Underwear (so good). Check out the new spot above, and soon you’ll want to “put ’em on ice” too.

We also just finished a new spot for DuluthFlex® Fire Hose® Work Pants, which you can catch below. It’s no secret that your average pair of work pants can be a bit stiff. But combining DuluthFlex® and Hidden Crouch Gusset® technology allows for freedom of movement even karate masters will envy, while maintaining the toughness that Fire Hose® products are known for.


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