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Cass Money

November 13, 2020

We’re back at it with these New Hire posts, after pushing pause to contend with the whole unforeseen global pandemic thing. Expect a steady stream of (often long-overdue) welcome posts in coming weeks, starting with Ms. Katie Cass.

When your water-cooler bursts into flames due to an unforeseen electrical failure and comes close to leveling your 1800’s-era wood-heavy office building, who ya gonna call? Most shops probably can’t answer that, but Planet? We’ve got Katie Cass, our not-so-new-anymore office manager. Katie’s been manning the phone and front desk, planning events, collecting and paying bills, and crushing a whole slew of essential office functions that keep this whole ship even keel. Without her, we’d be a finless clownfish (and also not have an office, because genuinely our building could have been leveled without her quick thinking & extinguisher skills).

Outside of being incredibly helpful, Katie’s also our resident most-talented-being. She’s lead vocals for disco band V05, donning colorful wigs and flexing her golden pipes at venues all over Wisconsin. She even held the title of Madison Idol, which is way cooler than anything Simon Cowell could ever drudge up. Trust us, if there’s Cher to be s(l)ung, she will s(l)ing. Around the office, Katie’s smiley demeanor and uplifting attitude made her an instant internal star. She’s equal parts glowing and sass, and we are all here for it.

Oh, and any creatives reading this, DO YOUR TIMESHEETS.

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