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Taking Motion to the Matt

July 17, 2019

Matt Kammel’s name isn’t pronounced how you think it’s pronounced— less of a beige desert donkey, more of a yawn. But Matt, Planet’s new motion designer, would never correct you. The man’s far too chill. And after graduating from MATC and tearing through some killer passion projects, he brought that same energy here, hopping aboard as an intern to bolster Planet’s growing motion needs. He quickly proved he was, in fact, very full-time-able, and joined our merry band with speed.

Despite his always-all-black attire, Matt brings colorful life to the hills and halls of Planet Propaganda. You can often find him stirring talk of video games, ancient internet history, and the infinite merits of sour beer. Outside the office, he fancies camping and virtual reality (though, not necessarily at the same time). When we asked Matt about his least favorite smell, an important metric, he responded with “talc,” which is, arguably, the most interesting response that question has ever elicited. Will that become an issue here at Planet? Stay tuned to find out.

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