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Tyler, the Developer

March 27, 2017

Raise a glass of Soylent and toast the arrival of Tyler Brostrom – Planet’s new Developer and Digital Designer.

A native of Rockford, IL, Tyler did his time at UW-Madison before returning home to work at Audentio Design. He spent three years there making digital products used by clients like Yahoo Rivals, MacRumors, and Grasscity. His time at Audentio prepared Tyler to help Planet round-out its development chops and bring some smart thinking to digital initiatives for EatStreet and Pancheros, among others.

An avid live music attendee, Tyler frequents the Frequency where you can find him night-owlin’ with a craft beer in hand and his attention on the stage. But his love of music doesn’t end with a view from the bar – Tyler is a mean guitarist, a drum dabbler, and is known to drop Nicki Minaj’s “Superbass” like nobody’s business.

Tyler says he came to Planet for professional growth and access to culture. Truth is, he’s having the same impact on Planet.

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