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Bram, Son!

August 9, 2019

Perhaps the most important thing you need to know about David Bramson, our new designer, is that he is a former professional pickler. That’s right, we hired a man who can professionally pickle just about anything. And along with a slurry of other curious past lives, David keeps with the longstanding tradition that the most interesting creatives come from the most interesting places. 

As a designer, he’s sharpened his script and lettering skills at MATC, Tingalls Design, Art & Sons, and a plethora of freelance gigs, earning him significant clout around the Madison area and beyond. David’s ability to weave the graphic and orthographic has already proven essential to clients like Pancheros and Stray Forth. He also claims to be Seth Rogen’s doppelgänger, yet around the office, he’s near indistinguishable at 12 paces from our very own red-bearded creative director, Kevin Longino. Next time you’re in the office, watch out for full-sleeve tats and a hearty laugh… You might have just stumbled upon our fiery new post-pro-pickler Planeteer.

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