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Meet the New New Pig

May 19, 2016

A strong brand identity can be just as important for a business-to-business company as it is for consumer brands. While Planet usually works in the B2C realm, if the right B2B company needs help building a stronger brand, we relish the challenge. New Pig—a category-leading industrial absorbents powerhouse with a lighthearted spirit—fits that bill perfectly.

When New Pig came to us, they already had a strong reputation as an innovator that didn’t take themselves too seriously. They found ways to bring a smile to a customer’s face, with lots of porcine puns, pig-tastic swag, and unfailingly friendly customer service. But like any good company, New Pig wanted to push their brand further. As they solidified their position as an industry-leading retailer, they wanted to deliver great messaging and content that tied into the holistic New Pig customer experience.

As we delved into our Simplify process with New Pig, we hoped to retain the best of their personality, while sharpening it and making it work harder. A mix of stakeholder interviews and data collection led to a deep knowledge of the brand. With Planet’s marketing wisdom layered in, we arrived at a new brand truth ("Take a Mess. Leave a Difference.") that has really helped New Pig hone their brand identity, both internally and in customer-facing communication.

As we moved into the Amplify portion of Simplify >< Amplify, our creative team helped establish a brand voice that still had fun, while continuing to position New Pig as an expert in their field. Design updates on hardworking collateral like email templates, web marquees, and print catalogs brought a more cohesive brand identity, too. We're helping New Pig articulate how they help customers meaningfully impact the environments they protect—their plant, their community, and the environment at large. And we even updated the New Pig brand mascot, Mr. Pig, to give him a personality and likability that suits a beloved brand.

When it came to tactics, our biggest task was the recently-completed ecommerce overhaul—a year-long collaboration between Planet and the fine team at New Pig’s Tipton, PA, headquarters. As New Pig migrated to the powerful Hybris ecommerce platform, we brought our user experience and design expertise to the project, blending best practices for conversion with the unique needs of the business and the brand. The result is a fresh, frictionless ecommerce experience that befits an industry leader.

After a few weeks in market, we’re happy to say that the new site is driving results—conversions are up, and customers are happy.

We’re glad that we've been able to make an impact for New Pig—from the early strategy work, to the mission-critical UX overhaul of their ecomm site. When the right B2B opportunity comes along, we’re always happy to help build a brand that’s not just bought, but believed in.

If you'd like to hear more about our work with New Pig, or how we can help your brand, give us a shout.

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