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Party on, Pancheros

July 11, 2017

We’re helping Pancheros Mexican Grill celebrate their 25th trip around the sun this year.

Like any self-respecting 25-year-old, Pancheros Mexican Grill wants to make their mark as they hit a quarter century. Their passionate fan base helped them achieve this milestone, so it only makes sense to celebrate the devoted customers who got them this far.

Rather than one big blowout celebration, we’re creating four social media-driven campaigns that will keep Pancheros fans entertained and engaged this year, while rewarding some lucky folks with unique Pancheros-esque prizes.

The objective of the first campaign was to drive engagement among the current fan base, while also capturing some new email addresses to bolster their marketing list. To do so, we flipped convention on its head—instead of getting birthday presents on their 25th, Pancheros gave presents to their fans (25 of them to be exact).

Each day for 25 days, the Pancheros Presents Pancheros Presents Daily Giveaway landing page revealed a new daily prize—replete with a gameshow-esque promotional video. You know your fan base is legit when they’re equally excited for a chance to win a plush otter eating a burrito as they are about winning free burritos for a year.


Since fans could enter the sweepstakes every day, we drove awareness of each day’s prize through social media announcements, while sustaining excitement throughout the campaign with in-store posters and a series of promotional emails. Anyone who entered during the first 24 days was eligible for the final day’s grand prize: Pancheros Interstellar Franchising Rights and $1,000 in seed money to get their cosmic burrito shop off the ground.


The campaign surpassed our goals: the conversion rate beat cross-industry benchmarks by 37%, over 70% of entrants opted in to Pancheros email marketing, and a healthy Instagram engagement rate beat the platform average for brand posts by 25%. Most importantly, we got to put a smile on the faces of 25 lucky winners.

The second campaign is live now—so if you think you’ve got a great burrito-flavored joke to tell (and who doesn't?), head over to Pancheros Punchlines to enter today. Your wit could win you free burritos for a year, or an iPad® Pro and Apple® Pencil.

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