Intelligentsia Coffee

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Relationship / Results

Intelligentsia’s new Brand ID and packaging helped catapult the third wave coffee roaster into a nationally-beloved retail brand and café, starting with Whole Foods distribution.

Before it became a widely-coveted premium coffee purveyor, Intelligentsia had an impeccable product, but a less-impressive brand. Whole Foods’ corporate buyers loved the quality, but the lackluster branding held them back from carrying it in-store.

We worked with the founders to elevate the branding to match the product’s impressive reputation. Since third wave coffee drinkers are a sophisticated bunch, and place value on provenance and an independent spirit, we took inspiration from the beloved Chicago flag, developing a dignified, aspirational sensibility that commanded respect in the high-end coffee market. Our process uncovered what was important to the founders and to their prospective customers, and emerged with a distinctly compelling brand, catapulting the roaster into a nationally-revered retail brand and café chain.

SINCE 1989