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When creating the logo design and visual identity for Madison’s first professional soccer club, we went against the grain of typical soccer team branding. Fierce animals or regal crests & shields didn’t feel right for our good-natured and idiosyncratic hometown. We aimed to give local fans a team identity they would immediately embrace as a reflection of their unique perspective.

Enter the pink flamingo: Madison’s official city bird (it’s a long story). The flamingo is the centerpiece, but the Forward logo also incorporates more subtle Madisonian Easter eggs for keen-eyed locals. It’s our pleasure to see the Forward logo proudly displayed on caps, sweatshirts, and flags whenever we step out our office door, signaling that we nailed our goal of creating something purely and uniquely Madison.

Forward madison logo


Planet’s been partnering on projects with Forward’s ownership group, Big Top Sports, since 2008. Local fans have embraced the identity, with the first run of merchandise selling out within a week, and the team logo also received accolades online from soccer fans across the world.

Forward Madison player taking a free kick
Forward Madison fan cheering
Forward Madison fans cheering
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